I Need Organising


about me 

A little bit more about me: I'm Katie, I'm an Australian, who before deciding to take a leap and live location independently (I'm currently living in a seaside town in Denmark), Melbourne, Australia was home.

I started I Need Organising during my bachelor's degree in Business (Accountancy) at RMIT in Melbourne, when I saw a need for offering an organised helping hand to the creative community, of which I'm a part of through many amazing creative friends. Having been a personal assistant for over 12 years in a number of different industries (including publishing, startups, financial services), I knew my skills would be desirable and useful in this field.

Some personal stuff about me: I'm really into yoga, I teach at a studio here in Denmark, and I train a circus apparatus called "straps" - sounds kinky but it's really fun and allows me to get a little creative myself!

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